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#84,170 (+10%) -
Title: Planet Source Code home page
Description: Need programming help? We've got your covered. 14.2 million lines of source code examples to build from.4.2 thousand tutorials and articles to learn from.Discussion boards, coding contests with prizes, and 2 thousand open programming jobs.

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#71,343 (+13%) -
Title: ZetaTalk
Description: Answers from visitors from Zeta Reticuli, via their Emissary, Nancy Lieder.
Keywords:12th Planet, Abductee, Absolute Zero, Acupuncture, Addiction, Admiral Byrd, Admiral Forestall, Africa, After Time, Aging, AIDS, Akashic Records, Alexander, Alien, Allergy, Alternative 3, American Indian, Andromedae, Annunaki, Antartica, Antichrist, Apollo 13, Arab, Archetypes, Area 51,
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Armageddon, Art Bell, Ashtar, Assassination, Asteroid, Asteroid Belt, Astronauts, Astronomy, Atlantis, Atmosphere, Auras, Auroras, Australia, Autistics, Auto-Immune Diseases, Aviaty, Awakening, Barbara Marciniak, BCCI, Belgium, Bermuda, Bermuda Triangle, Betty Andreasson, Betty Hill, Big Bang, Bigfoot, Bilderberger Group, Bill Cooper, Bill Gates, Billy Meier, Binary Suns, Biorhythms, Black Hole, Blood Type, Blue Book, Bob Lazar, Body Language, Bon, Brain, Brain Waves, Bramley, Brazil, Buckminster Fuller, Budd Hopkins, Cancer, Capitalism, Career, Carlos Castaneda, Carnivors, Cataclysm, Cayce, Celestine Prophecy, Centrifugal Force, Chakras, Channel, Chess, Chi, China, Chupacabras, CIA, Cloning, Close Encounter, Coapies, Colonel Corso, Coma, Comet, Commander X, Communion, Communism, Computer, Confederation, Conspiracy, Contactee, Continental Drift, Coral Obelisk, Cosmic Voyage, Council of Foreign Relations, Council of Nine, Council of Worlds, Cover-up, Creativity, Crime, Crop Circles, Crop Failure, Crystals, CSETI, Cult, Dark Matter, Dark Skies, Death Sentence, Deja Vu, Democracy, Democritis, Density, Destiny, Devil, Dino, Dinosaur, Dimension, Disinformation, DNA, Dogon, Dolphins, DOMA, Dousing, Dragons, Dreams, Dr. John Mack, Druids, Dulce, Earthquake, Early Man, Easter Island, EBE, Ebola Virus, Economy, Ed Dames, Einstein, El Dorado, Element 115, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Elves, Emmissaries of Light, End Time, Enlightenment, Ephemerides, EST, ET 101, Etheric Grid, Europa, Evolution, Exodus, Exorcism, Fairy, Faith Healer, Falcon, Farsight Institute, Fate, FBI, Fear, Findhorn Garden, Fire in the Sky, Fish Farm, Frogs, Galaxy, Ganesh, Gangs, Genetic Engineering, Geodesic Dome, Ghandi, Ghosts, Goliath, Government, Gravity, Greys, Gulf Breeze, Gypsy, HAARP, Hale-Bopp, Harvest, Health, Heaven's Gate, Helicopter, Hindu, Hippocratic Oath, Hitler, Holocaust, Hominoid, Homosexuality, Hopi, Horoscope, Hubble, Humor, Hybrids, Hydroponics, Hypnosis, ID4, Illuminati, Implant, Incarnation, India, Indonesia, Interstellar Travel, Intuition, IQ, Israel, J. Edgar Hoover, Jack the Ripper, Jet Stream, John F. Jennedy, John Lear, Jonah, Karma, Kecksburg, King David, Kladen, Knights Templar, Landing Sites, Language, Leading Edge, Lemuria, Levitation, Ley Lines, Lightning, Lightworker, Loch Ness Monster, Love, LSD, Lyra, Lysa Royal, Ma-Di, Magnetic Field, Manna, Marilyn Monroe, Marriage, Mars, Martin Luther King, Masons, Mass Landing, Mayan, Mathematics, Mayan Calendar, Meditation, Mediteranean, Men In Black, Meteors, Methane, Mexico City, Michael Gordon Scallion, Microsoft, Millennium, MJ12, Money, Montauk, Moon, Mothership, Mourning, Mu, Multiple Personality Disorder, Mummies, Music, Mutilations, NASA, Nazis, Near Death Experience, New Age, New Word Order, Nirvana, Nordic, Nostradamus, Nuclear, Numerology, Oahspe, Ocean, Oil, Oklahoma City, Omnipotent Krlll, Oort Cloud, Orbit, Orion, Orson Wells, Ouija Board, Out-Of-Body, Pain, PCB, Perterbations, Pets, Philadelphia Experiment, Phil Schneider, Phobos, Photon Belt, Planet X, Pine Gap, Pleiadean, Pole Shift, Politics, Pollution, Poltergeist, Polynesia, Possession, Power Outage, Pranayama, Praying Mantis, Pregnancy, Premonitions, Prometheus, Prime Directive, Prison, Prophecy, Psi-Tech, Psychic, Psychosis, Pyramid, Quantum Mechanics, Quarantine, Races of Man, Red Book, Red Sea, Religion, Reincarnation, Reptilian, Reverse Speech, Right to Know, Rituals, Robert Monroe, Robots, Roswell, Rotation, Rules of Engagement, Ruth Montgomery, Sadism, Sai Baba, Salt Flats, Satanic Ritual, Satellite, Saturn, Seances, Senses, Scapegoat, Science Fiction, Scientology, Secret Government, Seth, Sex, Shaman, Shasta, Sheldon Nidle, Shramek, Sighting, Sirian, Sitchin, Skywell, Slavery, Society, Sociopath, Sodom and Gomorra, South America, Space Ship, Space/Time, Sphinx, Spin, Spirit Guide, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Stanton Friedman, Star Child, Star of David, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Statistics, Steve Neill, Stonehenge, St. Germain, Subatomic Particles, Subconscious, Subterranean, Suns, Super Conductors, Taoism, Tarot Cards, Technology, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Telsa, Theosophists, Tides, Time Travel, Tower of Babel, Transformation, Transplants, Trojan War, Tunguska, TWA 800, UFO, Ummo, Unified Field Theory, United Nations, Universe, Urantia, Vampire, Vectors, Vedas, Vegetarian, Velikovsky, Venus, Victim, Violence, Visigoths, Voodoo, Vortex, Walk-in, Washington Monument, Wealth, Weather, Werewolf, White Brotherhood, White Buffalo, Whitley Strieber, Wilhelm Reich, World War III, X-Files, Yeti, Yin-Yang, Yugas, Zeta Reticulan, ZetaTalk, Zoo(View Less)

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#65,204 (+17%) -
Title: Karmayog .org | NGOs | Volunteers | NGO Services | CSR | Social Causes |Get involved in YOUR city and locality | For Concerned
Description:, peace organizations,ngo,humanitarian aid,ngo definition,international ngos,animal rights organizations,civic organizations,501c3 organizations,professional organizations,list of non profit organizations,conservation organizations,learning o, peace organizations, ngo, humanitarian aid, ngo definition, international ngos, animal rights organizations, civic organizations, 501c3 organizations, professional organizations, list of non profit organizations, conservation organizations, learning organizations, list of ngos, united nations, community organizations, international organizations, international ngo, healthcare organizations, health maintenance organizations, environmental ngo, joint commission on accreditation of healthcare, animal organizations, world organizations, non governmental organizations,
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health ngo, networking organizations, human rights ngos, humanitarian, educational organizations, ngo internships, pro life organizations, charity organizations, teacher organizations, education organizations, student organizations, 501 c 3 organizations, children organizations, list of ngo, marketing organizations, hunger organizations, ngos, nongovernmental organizations, art organizations, service organizations, international development, human rights organizations, donations, community based organizations, civil rights organizations, human rights ngo, development ngo, what is an ngo, ngo directory, youth organizations, charitable organizations, non profit, christian organizations, aids ngo, managed care organizations, usaid, non government organizations, grassroots organizations, charity, social organizations, veterans organizations, faith based organizations, non profit organizations, dog rescue organizations, volunteer organizations, news organizations, community service organizations, non for profit organizations, ngo list, environmental ngos, health care organizations, relief organizations, ngo employment, aid organizations, government organizations, nonprofit organizations, disability organizations, homeless organizations, cancer organizations, human rights, arts organizations, business organizations, volunteer, clubs and organizations, women's organizations, mental health organizations, humanitarian organizations, organization, grants for non profit organizations, ngo india, women organizations, for profit organizations, philanthropic organizations, ngos in india, nursing organizations, deaf organizations, womens organizations, national organizations, feminist organizations, music organizations, not for profit organizations, sports organizations, donation, environmental organizations, what is ngo, aids, breast cancer organizations, poverty organizations, health organizations, aids organizations, Improve Your World, Get involved in YOUR city and locality, For Concerned Citizens, Latest News from Newspapers, Times Of India, Indian Express, DNA, Mumbai Mirror, The Hindu, Economic Times, Business Standard, Free listing on Ngo directory in India, NGO Directory, Online NGO Directory, Understanding BMC, Karmayog Forums - Jobs Needed / Available, Karmayog Forums - Public Toilets, Public Toilets, Charter for the MCGM - Local Area Citizen Group, BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006, BMC-NGO Council joint website, BMC Budget 2006 - 07, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, animals, art and culture, children - street, children - orphanages, children - adoption, children - education, children - others, civic amenities - electricity, civic ameniuties - water, civic amenities - drainage, civic amenities - traffic, communal harmony, disabilities - hearing, disabilities - mental, disabilities - physical, disabilities - visual, drug & alcohol abuse, environment - air, environment - garbage, environment - noice, environment - trees, environment - water, hawkers, hordings, human rights, medical - cancer, medical - HIV / AIDS, medical - heart, medical - kidney, medical - leprosy, medical - others, microfinance, obscenity, public transport - buses, public transport - railways, rural development, senior citizens, sports, vocational training, women, youth - colleges, youth - others, flooding in Mumbai, slum rehabilitation, plastic bags, garbage, 1000 crores account, dilapidated building, iodized salt, NGo Council Members incharge, nonprofits by location, support nonprofit, vounteer, offer materials, offer services, volunteers, advisors / mentors, materials in Mumbai, services in Mumbai, project sponsors, job opportunite in NPOs, help karmayog, NGo Council, Counselling, Emergency Nos & Helplines, support groups, nonprofit profiles, nonprofits by category, nonprofits by location, nonprofits in india, All India hospital list, Library of 205+ Articles, International Study, Cultural Exchange, Development Education, Volunteering, Camping, Home Stay Opportunity, Free Email, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Google Mail, Adoption, Agriculture, Air Pollution, Alternative Energy, Animal Welfare, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Tobacco Autism, Banking, Beaches / Lakes / Water Bodies, Bhagavad Gita, Bihar Floods, Blood Banks, BMC / MCGM, BMC Schools, Books on Social Causes, Cancer, Career Counselling, Central Government Ministries, Cerebral Palsy, Child Labour, Child Sexual Abuse, Children, Climate Change, Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), Communal Harmony, Community Health Insurance, Community Projects, Consumer Rights, Co-operative Housing Societies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CSR Ratings, CSR Study, Dementia & Alzheimer's, Democracy, Disabilities, Disaster Management, Donors, Downloadable Posters, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Economy, Education Scholarships, Educational Courses, E-Governance, Electricity, Environment, Event Announcements, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), Gandhigiri, Garden / Open Spaces, Girl Child, Global Reporting, Governance, Government Acts, Government Commissions / Reports, Government Publications, Government Schemes, Grants/ Funding Programs, Green Buildings, Hawkers / Street Vendors, Hearing-Challenged, Helplines, Heritage & Culture, HIV / AIDS, Hostels, Housing / Shelter, How to Start or Run an NGO, Human Rights, IITs & IITians, Information Technology, Iodised Salt, Jobs Available, Judiciary, Karmayog Area Clubs, Karmayog Chapters, Kidney, Mumbai Tourism, Learning Disabilities, Legal Resources, Libraries, Locality News, Lonavla, Maharashtra, Mangroves, Media, Mental Illness, Mentally-Challenged, Micro-Finance / Micro-Credit, MMRDA, M-PAC, Mumbai Development Plans, Mumbai Terror Attack, Mumbai Votes, National Cadet Corps, Navi Mumbai, Newsletters of NGOs, NGO Council, NGO of the Month, Noise Pollution, Old Age Homes, Peace, Personal Health, Philanthropy, Physically-Challenged, Planning Commission, Plastic Pollution, Police & Traffic Police, Poverty, Products made by NGOs, Professional Profiles, Public Distribution System, Public Health, Public Interest Litigation, Public Toilets, Pune, Quotas, Rainwater Harvesting, Rating of NGOs, Redevelopment of Buildings, Right to Information, Roads, Rotary Clubs, Rural Development, Safety, Schools and Colleges, Senior Citizens, Sex Education for Youth, Slums, Social Books, Mags, Movies, CDs, Social Entrepreneurs, Solar Energy, Solid Waste, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Sports, Stray Dogs, Street Children, Summer Programs For Children, Support a Social Worker, Support Groups, Thane, Tourism, Transport, Trees, Urban Development, Social Causes, Visually-Challenged, Vocational Training, Volunteerism, Vote, Water, Wildlife, Women, Workshops, World Bank & Mumbai, Youth, Zoo, Lend A Ear, consumer complaints(View Less)

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#265,471 (+49%) -
Title: Planet Source Code home page
Description: Need programming help? We've got your covered. 14.2 million lines of source code examples to build from.4.2 thousand tutorials and articles to learn from.Discussion boards, coding contests with prizes, and 2 thousand open programming jobs.
#141,253 (-12%) -
Title: Jemsite - HomePage
Description: Jemsite. Ibanez JEM and Universe Guitar Site as played by Steve Vai. Jemsite features information about Steve Vai, JEM, Universe, 7-string, 8-string and Ibanez guitars

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#128,363 (-22%) -
Title: ..ٌ::ٌ:: النسابون العرب ::ٌ::ٌ..
Description: النسابون العرب...موقع يعنى بحفظ التاريخ و الانساب, و الارتفاع بمستوى النسابين و المؤرخين
Keywords:النسابون العرب, انساب, القبائل, نسب, قبيلة, تحقيق, شجرة نسب, عائلة, اسرة, اصول, فروع, نسابة, انساب مصر, انساب الجزيرة, انساب الشام, الاشراف, انساب الاشراف, السادة, البحث, قبائل الحجاز, قبائل مصر, قبائل نجد, قبائل قطر, قبائل عمان, قبائل العراق,
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قبائل الاردن, قبائل اليمن, قبائل المغرب, الاكراد, البربر, الامازيغ, هوارة, حرب, عتيبة, عنزة, شمر, العزازية, الهنادي, اولاد علي, القتادات, حاشد, بكيل, جذام, كندة, بنو غافر, اولاد علي, الفوايد, الجمامزة, الجعافرة, العزازية, منتديات التاريخ الاسلامي, علوم الحديث, علوم القران, اصول الفقه, أصول الفقه, ساحة الحوار الاسلامي, سجل نسب عائلتك, البحث عن الاصول, دليلك الى الحياة الزوجية, دليلك الى الثقافة الجنسية, DNA, dna, مجلس قبائل مصر, مجلس قبائل الجزيرة العربي, مجلس قبائل المغرب العربي, مجلس قبائل السودان, القرن الافريقي, قبائل الصومال, مجلس قبائل العراق, عرب الهولة, اتحاد النسابين العرب, عبس, الرشايدة, هوارة, الحرابي, الفوايد, الطحاوية, الطحاوي, الطحاوى, القرعان, زغروت, اباظة, العايد, العيايدة, العقايلة, العليقات, البياضية, الاخارسة, السواركة, السعديين, العبابدة, السماكين, الاخيوة, اللخميين, الملكيين, الباز, السادة البازات, المسلمية, السادة المسلمية, ابو العمران, الفواخر, شرف الدين, نقيب الاشراف, نقابة الاشراف, الصناقرة, علي الابيض, علي الاحمر, كيشار, قبائل الفيوم, قبائل الشرقية, قبائل فاقوس, قبائل ابو كبير, قبائل هيهيا, قبائل ديرب نجم, قبائل بلبيس, بلبيس, فاقوس, ابو كبير, ديرب نجم, مشتول السوق, الزقازيق, عائلات, الحسينية, قبائل الحسينية, عطوان, هربيط, ابو حماد, قبائل ابو حماد, انساب اهل مصر, كفر صقر, اولاد صقر, القرين, منيا القمح, عائلات منيا القمح, انساب منيا القمح, ميت غمر, دكرنس, شجرة نسب, دار الوثائق, بالقلعة, دار المحفوظات, مشجر, الجعافرة, التنمية البشرية, تطوير الذات, قهوة الحرافيش, نبروه, بسيون, ميت مزاح, المنصورة, طلخا, مرق, البهلول, البيومي, الرفاعي, السادة الرفاعية, الرفاعية, الباعلوي, السادة الباعلوي, السقاف, العنقاوي, العنقاوية, ضياء القللي, صندوقة, الكشكلي, العلواني, الجارحي, عزيزة, عائلة عزيزة, السمالوس, القطعان, الجميعات, بني سليم, , السادة الاشراف في محافظة, البهجة, العونة, الزوامل, فزارة, سبع الرجال, الدسوقي, السماعنة, النفيعات, الوراورة, المعازة, بني عطية, العقاد, الطهطاوي, ابو النصر, الهمامية, ايمن زغروت, جهينة, بلي, الكرايرة, الانصار, البقرية, بني عبيد, البشارية, الدناقلة, الزناتي, الهلالي, بني هلال, بني مر, قبائل اخميم, قبائل البهنسا, قبائل الاشمونيين, بلاد قريش, قبائل الصعيد, انساب الصعيد, اسوان, سوهاج, جرجا, قنا, اشراف قنا, الاشراف الجمامزة, الامير جماز, جماز بن شيحة, البطيخي, البطاطخة, اولاد سرور, الهياكلة, ابن حزم, القلقشندي, المقريزي, ابن خلدون, قبائل الاسماعيلية, قبائل السويس, قبائل العرب, قبائل سيناء, انساب سيناء, قبائل الصحراء, قبائل افريقيا, قبائل موريتانيا, قبائل السنغال, و ندسور, الشريف العزازي, الشريف ايمن العزازي, الجغرافيا السكانية, معجم قبائل مصر, معجم قبائل مصر(View Less)
#2,338,777 (0%) -
Title: is a global news website that brings the latest research news on the genome, proteome, metabolome, on drug di
Description: biotech industry,biotechnology articles,biotech industry news,fda approval news,biotech company,fiercebiotech,biotech news,clinical trials,drug discovery,fda approval,fda regulation,stem cell research,biotechnology news,biotechnology industry
#99,419 (+23%) -
Title: Ihr Staat ist pleite? Lassen Sie sich doch retten //
Description: © Marcus Stark / Unsere Kanzlerin lässt sich nicht lumpen, wenn unseren Euro-Nachbarn geholfen werden muss. Koste es, was es wolle, der deutsche Steuerzahler ist geduldig und gibt gern, schließlich will er den Euro erhalten. Will er das wir
Keywords:11. september, 9/11, abhören, afghanistan, aids, aids-test, aktien, aktientrend, alternative medien, alternative therapie, anlage, anleger, anleihe, anschlag, arbeitslos, arbeitslosigkeit, arzt, atombombe, atomenergie, atomkraft, atomkrieg, auslieferung, automobil, bank, banken,
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bankrott, benzin, bestechung, betrug, bibel, blogger, bombe, brd, brustkrebs, bundesrepublik, bundestag, bundesverfassungsgericht, bundeswehr, börsentipps, börsentrend, chemo-patient, chemotherapie, chemtrails, christen, co2, co2-konzentration, co2-tendenz, co2-trend, countdown, crash, darmkrebs, darwin, datenschutz, deflation, depression, deutschland, diesel, dm, dna, eiszeit, endzeit, energie, energiesparen, energieverbrauch, erderwärmung, erdgas, erdöl, erwärmung, esoterik, esowatch, eu-politik, eu-verfassung, eu-vertrag, euro, evolution, finanzanalyse, finanzkrise, finanzwelt, flughafen, flugzeug, fossile, geld, geldschöpfung, geldsystem, geopolitik, germanische neue medizin, geschäft, gesetz, gesundheit, glaube, gnm, gold, goldpreis, gott, grippe, h1n1, h5n1, hamer, hartz iv, hartz4, hiv, hodenkrebs, hyperinflation, hyperthermie, hypertonie, illuminati, illuminiaten, immobilien, impfen, impfkritik, impfmüdigkeit, impfung, inflation, insolvent, investition, ipcc, iran, islam, israel, jerusalem, jesus, journalismus, journalist, juden, judentum, kabbala, kabbalismus, kernkraft, kirche, klima, klimaerwärmung, klimalüge, klimaschwindel, klimawandel, koran, korruption, krankenkasse, krankheit, krebs, krebsgeschwür, krebstherapie, kredit, kreditinstitut, krieg, krise, kälteeinbruch, leben, lobby, lobbyismus, lobbyisten, lungenkrebs, lügen, mainstream, maitreya, makler, manipulation, massenmedien, medien, medikamente, medizin, militär, mord, moslem, nacktscanner, naturkatastrophe, neue medizin, neue weltordnung, new age, new york, ngo, notstand, nwo, operation, parlament, parteien, peak oil, pharma, pharmaindustrie, photovoltaik, pleite, preissteigerung, propaganda, psychopharmaka, rechtsbeugung, regierung, reichstag, religion, rezession, schweinegrippe, schweiz, schöpfung, selbstmordattentat, selbstmordattentäter, silber, solar, sparen, sparer, staat, staatsanleihen, staatsbankrott, staatsstreich, subvention, therapie, tod, umweltgift, umweltschutz, umweltverschmutzung, us, usa, verfassung, verfassungsschutz, verschwörung, verschwörungstheorie, versicherung auflösen, versicherung verkaufen, versicherungsmakler, vogelgrippe, volksvertreter, vorsorge, wahrheit, weltlehrer, willkür, windkraft, wissenschaft, world trade center, wtc, währungsreform, zeitgeist, zensur, zins, zion, zionismus, öko, ökologie, öl, ölförderung, ölpreis, überschwemmung, überwachung(View Less)