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Title: International Water Association - IWA
Description: The International Water Association is a global network of water professionals spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle.
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Title: Black & Veatch
Description: Black & Veatch Corporation is a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company with the mission of Building a World of Difference®.
Keywords:Black & Veatch, B&V, BV, Building a World of Difference, Binnie, Engineering, Energy, Power Delivery, Nuclear, Coal, Combustion Turbine, Hydropower, Air Quality Control, Renewables, Gas Oil Chemical, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, IGCC, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Conveyance Systems, River Coastal, Tunneling Underground, Telecommunications, Wireless Infrastructure, Utility Automation,
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Broadband Wireline, Telecom Networks, Enterprise Management Solutions, EMS, Process Improvement, Federal Services, Contracting Vehicles, Civil Works, Federal Design Build, Disaster Support, Environmental, Construction, Design Build, EPC, Drive For Value, Substations, Overhead Transmission, HVDC, SVC, Fluidized Bed, Cogeneration, Repowering, Future Reactor, Hydrology, NOx Control, SO2 Solutions, Wet/Dry Scrubbers, CT-121™, LNG Regasification Terminals, Gas Processing, Sulfur Recovery, Gasification, Watershed, Groundwater, Reclamation Irrigation, Drought Contingency, Sewer Overflow, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Trenchless, Construction, Satellite Terrestrial Repeater, SCADA, SONET, BRAC, Post-conflict reconstruction, Engineer Careers, A-Cubed, Accountable Assistance for Afghanistan, Afghanistan construction, Afghanistan infrastructure, Afghanistan prison, Alex Their, Alex Their, Bill Van Dyke, Black & Veach, Black & Veach cost-plus, Black & Veach no-bid, Black & Veach sole-sourced, Black & Veatch, Black & Veatch cost-plus, Black & Veatch no-bid, Black & Veatch sole-sourced, Black & Veach, Black & Veach cost-plus, Black & Veach no-bid, Black & Veach sole-sourced, Black & Veatch, Black & Veatch cost-plus, Black & Veatch no-bid, Black & Veatch sole-sourced, John Brummet, Kabul contracting Kabul energy plant, Kabul power plant, Kabul reconstruction, Kajaki dam, Kandahar power, Lewis Berger, Lois Berger, Louis Berger, SIGAR audit, SIGAR contractor evaluation, SIGAR contractor oversight, SIGAR contractor performance, SIGAR oversight, SIGAR report, Simbion, Simbion Power, Special Inspector General, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Recon, Symbion Power, Tarakeel, Tarakeel power plant, Tarakheel, Tarakheel power plant Tarakhil, Tarakhil power plant, Tarakil, Tarakil power plant, USAID Afghanistan, USAID Afghanistan reconstruction, USAID audit, USAID construction, USAID engineering, USAID inspection, USAID inspector general, USAID projects, William Van Dyke(View Less)
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Title: Groundwater Monitoring Equipment, Management, Modeling Software, and Training
Description: Cost-effective and reliable groundwater level, sampling, and monitoring equipment, borehole and well data management, modeling and simulation software, and training courses
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Title: Water Online: Digital Marketplace for the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries
Description: Resource for professionals in the water industry- Information on water treatment, sludge dewatering, pipe rehabilitation, flowmeters, wastewater management, water clarification and more
Keywords:Aeration, aerator, arsenic, arsenic removal, bio reactor, biofiltration, chlorination, clarifiers, demineralization, demineralizer, desalination, dissolved oxygen, do testing, effluent, filter, filter press, flocculent, flow metering, groundwater, hydrocarbon removal, industrial pretreatment, instrumentation, ion exchange, mapping software, membrane,
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membrane filtration, membrane system, meter reading, metering, metering pump, municipal wastewater, municipal water, odor control, oil removal, ph testing, pressure controller, reverse osmosis, ro, runoff, scada, scada system, sequencing batch reactor, sewer, sewer odor, sludge, sludge dewatering, sodium hypochlorite, stormwater management, stormwater treatment, submersible pump, submetering, suspended solid, tablet feed, toc analyzer, transducer, treatment chemical, turbidimeters, turbidity, ultrapure water, ultrasonic flowmeters, ultrasonic level sensor, ultraviolet disinfection, valve, waste water treatment, wastewater, wastewater disposal, wastewater evaporation, wastewater tank, wastewater treatment, water analysis, water distribution, water filter, water level meter, water monitor, water purification equipment, water purification system, water quality, water reuse, water sampling, water sensor, water softening, water tank, water treatment, valve actuators, ANALYZERS PH, INSTRUMENTS PH, INSTRUMENTS PRESSURE, TRANSMITTERS FLOW, TRANSMITTERS TEMPERATURE, SENSORS TEMPERATURE, SENSORS PH, SENSORS PRESSURE, SENSORS CONDUCTIVITY, Oil water seperator, suspended solids, condensate polishing, Iron removal, Manganese removal, radium removal, groundwater remediation, Dissolved air, Dissolved air floatation, DAF, belt press, calcium hypochlorite, centrifugal pump, chlorinaton, chopper pump, corrosion control, denitrification, dewatering pump, microfiltration, sludge related equipment, sludge treatment, back flow prevention, biosolids, chemical feeder, chemical injection, coagulant, conductivity testing, corrosion, diaphragm pump, efficiency pump, effluent pump, effluent water, flow control, grinder pump, hydrology, leak detection, lift station, microfiltration membranes, oxidation, peristaltic pump, reclaimed water, secondary treatment, sewage pump, sludge conditioning, sub metering, tank lining, utility billing, utility billing software, vertical pump, water analysis test kit, water diversion, water quality test kit, water storage, water test kit, ANALYZERS CONDUCTIVITY, INSTRUMENTS PROCESS CONTROL, RECORDERS DATA LOGGING, TRANSMITTERS PRESSURE, flow controller, scrubbers, tank coating, biological nutrient removal, chemical feed pump, chemical pump, erosion control, filter cartridge, gravity separator, groundwater pump, hydrology software, pressure vessel, pulsation dampeners, rotary pump, sediment, vibration dampeners, SEALS HIGH PRESSURE, Activated Carbon, AMR, Arsenic Removal, Billing Services, Biological Treatment, Clarification, Chemicals / Chemical Feed, Demineralization, Deionization, Dewatering, Disinfection, Dissolved Oxygen, Erosion Control, Filtration, Groundwater, Headworks, Instrumentation, Linings, Membranes, Nitrate Removal, Oil / Water Separation, Ozone Disinfection, Piping, Perchlorate, Pretreatment, Pump Protection, Pumps, Reverse Osmosis, Security, Sludge Handling, Software, Storage, Stormwater, Suspended Solids, Tanks Baffles, Trenchless Tools, Ultrapure Water, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Uranium, Valves, Water Reuse, Water Quality Monitoring(View Less)
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Title: Scientific mapping, graphing, analysis, & digitizing software
Description: Golden Software is the leading provider of scientific graphics and mapping software in the world. We develop Surfer, Grapher, Voxler, MapViewer, Didger, and Strater.